PrecisionERP selected to provide SAP, BI and IT Consulting Services for London Hydro

PrecisionERP is one of four companies selected to provide SAP, IT, Data Management and Business Intelligence services for the next 3 years as part of its Preferred Vendor List for IT Staff Augmentation.


About London Hydro

London Hydro is a Local Distribution Company that services the city of London, Ontario, Canada. With a peak load of 719 megawatts, we deliver a safe and reliable supply of electricity to over 157,245 customers from the residential, institutional, commercial and industrial sectors, through 3,364 kilometres of overhead and underground cables, spanning 420 square kilometres of service territory. As a wholly-owned subsidiary company, we operate much like a private entity under the Ontario Business Corporations Act, paying an annual dividend to our sole shareholder, the City of London. In essence, all Londoners own London Hydro.