How to Work in the US Temporariliy under NAFTA TN-1 Work Visa Information

Who may apply?

Canadian citizens belonging to certain professions who wish to work in the U.S. on a temporary basis may be eligible to receive a TN-1 work visa (proof of citizenship is required). Note that it is not available to landed immigrants or to non-Canadian citizens. It is available for temporary employment only. TN-1 status is granted for a specific type of work and for one employer at a time.

How do I apply?

Applications may be made at the border (approval time ranges from 20 minutes to an hour). There are no forms to be completed.

What do I need?

The applicant must provide evidence of the exact nature and duration of the U.S. business activity along with detailed remuneration arrangements and proof of job qualifications (typically a university degree and/or professional license). In addition, the applicant must meet the criteria outlined in Schedule 2 of NAFTA.

How long is it good for?

It is valid for one year, however, it renewal period is indefinite. Persons working on TN status may be eligible to apply for permanent residency status (i.e. a green card). For a detailed listing of professions, qualifications and information on other types of U.S. work permits visit