It's been a pleasure working your company.  You provided great resources and were very easy to work with.  I'll definitely add you to my quiver of firms to turn to when resourcing talent for any future projects I should manage (a likely event, I hope).  You should send me some kind of summary of the talent type and geography that you consider your sweet spot.

- Implementation Project Manager, Human Resources, Worldwide manufacturer & supplier of cement and mineral components

...we’ve had excellent results with the consultants you’ve provided in the past so for sure we’d be in touch.

- IT Coordinator, Global leader in nuclear and renewable energy

I appreciate the quality and timeliness of the people you have sent us!!!!

- Director, Application Implementation Support, US-based Insurance Co.

I just wanted to say that it was a pleasure working with you on this project.  I especially appreciated the way you followed up with me on a regular basis for updates and the speed of your payment process was unbeatable. I sincerely hope we have the chance to work together again in the near future.

- Senior HR/Payroll Consultant, Toronto-based software consulting company

I would like to mention that so far I have been extremely pleased with the services provide by both Paul and you, and I will definitely recommend you to my friends. Especially, I appreciated the quality of the resources you proposed (as they corresponded exactly to our needs) and the quick responses I got from you for all my questions or concerns.

- Manager, NA Shared Applications Team, Global engineering & technology corporation

Been great working with you.... Really impressed with both Mike and yourself... Wish everyone in the industry was as competent...

- Software Developer, Nonprofit Organization, Management Industry

...your firm is the best HR/Tech firm I've worked with in my 12 years of experience (just thought I should let you know that)

- Senior IT Consultant, BC-based management consulting firm

I too have enjoyed working with you.  You have a quality team Paul, dedicated, professional, pragmatic and very customer focussed.  In some ways I am disappointed that I won't be there to cross the finish line with them, but I am confident that they can get the job done.  I have offered to reference for them and please ensure that they are aware that I hold them in high regard.

- Director, Quality and Information Technology, Leading supplier of analog and mixed-signal semi-conductors